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Dyslexia: A Mother's Quest and a Son's Breakthrough

Navigating the challenges of your child's learning difference can be very tough.

First, a persistent problem; then, a diagnosis/label without a strategy; then, strategies that don’t bring a solution; and then… what?

Louise's quest for Tom culminated in a Davis Dyslexia Programme. Tom was 19 at the time, was done with school and was not in employment. After his programme, Tom embarked on two courses of further education, became a self-employed fitness coach, and is now the founding owner of Jameson Gym, a flagship private fitness studio in Bearsted, Kent.

Join Davis Trainer Axel Gudmundsson, Louise and Tom for a rich evening of personal and professional insight.

In this free webinar you will discover:

  1. what life and learning were like for Tom — and for Louise — before Tom's Davis Programme

  2. how Tom experienced the programme

  3. what happened after Tom's programme

You'll also discover

  1. what makes Davis so different from other interventions

  2. what you can expect from a Davis programme

  3. what sort of challenges Davis can help with, and how

  4. methods can be tailored to meet individual needs

Session Presenter

Axel Gudmundsson, a Davis Dyslexia Facilitator & Trainer and Founder & Executive Director at Gifted Dyslexic, has over 21 years of of experience with the Davis methods. He's also served as Founder and Director at Davis Dyslexia Association Africa for seven years. Founded (later re-named as as a central agency for Davis facilitators in Iceland.

Creator of the highly successful 2 Learn to Read, a pilot online course based on the award winning Davis methods, shown to achieve 100% literacy in mainstream schools by the age of 8. Axel is passionate about improving education as a means to facilitate personal growth and large-scale social transformation.


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