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Explore Davis Training Workshops

Our highly trained Workshop Presenters offer workshops worldwide, to provide family members, educators, therapists, and other support people with an affordable means of accessing high-quality training in the Davis Programmes.

Attending one or more of our workshops will give you the ability to use the Davis Methods to help individuals in your home, school, workplace or therapy setting.

You will also have an ongoing network of support from like-minded people who are passionate about helping individuals with neurodiversity to create positive change in their lives through a respectful, strength-based approach.

Our workshops offer the ideal opportunity to provide professional and coordinated wrap-around care for all neurodivergent thinkers, which can be tailored to their age and specific needs.

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Introductory workshops for everyone, including parents, guardians, teachers and employers.

Davis® Gift of Dyslexia Workshop


This 30-hour introductory workshop, available in person and online, will equip you to understand and apply the insights and strategies described in the book, The Gift of Dyslexia. Live training includes lectures, demonstrations, and guided group practice sessions. Small class sizes ensure the highest quality of training.

Davis Concepts for Life® Workshop

Cognitive Coaching

This workshop is for parents, educators, therapists, and those interested in a powerful developmental approach that empowers individuals to create meaningful life changes. Expert trainers provide an interactive hands-on learning experience and a solid understanding of Davis Concepts for Life®  tools and techniques.


Davis Concepts for Life® – Early Years Workshop

This workshop is for parents, educators, therapists, and those interested in supporting a child under 8 who may be displaying stress responses that are causing difficulties. It covers the first stage of the Davis Concepts for Life programme, a powerful hands-on approach that plants the seeds for successful, well-adjusted development.

Davis Autism Approach® Workshop


This workshop is for parents, educators, therapists, and those interested in the Davis Autism Approach®, a deeply respectful and non-intrusive program that empowers autistic individuals to participate more fully in life, while retaining the essence of who they are. Participants will gain a solid foundational understanding of the program.


Davis® Stepping Stones Workshop

This introductory workshop is for parents, educators, therapists, and those interested in supporting a younger individual who is on the autism spectrum and/or is struggling to meet early childhood development milestones. Participants will gain sufficient knowledge and skills to actively support the development of early life and social concepts.

Classroom Management

Dyslexia Prevention

This 2-day workshop for primary (K-3) teachers and support staff provides effective strategies to teach the foundations of literacy, and self-regulation tools that quickly improve classroom management. Simple, engaging and hands-on, these strategies benefit all types of learners, and with full implementation, significantly reduce special education placement.

Davis® Learning Strategies Workshop

Introductory workshops for licensed Facilitators (professional)

Davis Autism Approach® Track Workshop


Open to currently licensed Davis Facilitators only. This workshop aims to make you familiar and comfortable with the theory, structure, sequence, content and exercises of a Davis Autism Approach® Programme;
and to learn how to establish and maintain rapport with an autistic client.


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