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Davis® Parent Power - Dyslexia Course

The Dyslexic Blueprint for the Future of Education

6 Week Online Course for Parents, Teachers and Tutors

Is your child naturally bright and creative, but struggles to learn or retain information or facts? Do they come home panicky when there's a test or exam the next day? Do they sit for hours over their schoolwork, desperately trying to cram it all in, but not really learning anything from the experience?

Or are they switched off, demoralised, and disengaged from the learning process after many years of "just not getting it"?

As a parent, are you feeling helpless and bewildered — torn between writing that geography project yourself, or leaving your child to sink or swim? Maybe your child has a dyslexia diagnosis; but the recommendations in the report were vague, none of your child's teachers really understand them, and nobody really gets what your child needs. Or maybe you've been told not to rush to a diagnosis — to "give it time" — but you're not really convinced

It's like there are no proper answers, no real solutions.


It's high time that changed. It's high time for answers.


What is the Davis® Parent Power - Dyslexia Course?

Davis Parent Power — Dyslexia is an empowerment course for the people who care most about bright but struggling dyslexic learners: their parents.


Our four decades in the field of neurodiversity, led by our dyslexic founder Ronald Davis, have given us unique insights into the delicate interplay between talent and difficulty in dyslexia, and crucially, how to overcome these challenges.

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"Dyslexia is not a complexity. It is a compound of simple factors, which can be dealth with step-by-step.

At dyslexia's root is a natural ability, a talent. The gift of dyslexia is the gift of mastery"

Ronald D. Davis

Davis Parent Power — Dyslexia will give you:

  • a complete functional understanding of dyslexia: what makes up the dyslexic thinking style; why dyslexia comes with both strengths and weaknesses; how and why dyslexics think and learn differently from neurotypical learners


  • what to be aware of when helping your dyslexic child to learn; how to help them optimise the conditions in which their learning happens, so it starts to become easier


  • three powerful learning strategies that utilise natural dyslexic strengths when studying school subjects, learning for tests and exams, and making subject knowledge stick.

Insights, strategies and support


Overview of the 6 sessions

Session 1: Unravelling the Mystery of Confusion

  • What if it's not dyslexia that causes confusion, but confusion that leads to dyslexia? And how to de-confuse.

Session 2: The Bright Side of Challenges

  • How can a talent also be a stumbling block?

Session 3: The Disorientation Dilemma

  • What if the way dyslexics see problems is part of the problem (sometimes)?

Session 4: The Clay Way

  • Correcting learning problems with a kilo of clay; new ways to understand and remember

Session 5: Onwards and Upwards

  • A deep dive into school subject learning, the dyslexic way

Session 6: Reflecting on the Journey

  • Are you ready to see how far you've come?

This has really helped me understand my children’s struggles with dyslexia, and increase my ability to support them to really understand their schoolwork or any other material, and become independent learners. Ultimately, however, it has given me confidence that my children will be able to be happy, confident individuals.

Davis Parent Power Course participant



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