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A Taste of Davis Discovery Series

The Dyslexic Blueprint for the Future of Education

So your child is struggling at school, and you don’t know why. Perhaps your child has been given a label such as dyslexia. But the label doesn’t come with reasons and explanations.

Why do some children learn to read almost immediately, while other – bright – children not only find reading difficult, but stumble on some of the most basic words such as ‘if’ and ‘at’?

'A Taste of Davis Discovery Series' is a complimentary series designed to offer insights, approaches and strategies to assist you in understanding and supporting your neurodivergent loved one or student. It is crafted from the findings of 'Why Tyrannosaurus But Not If?', a culmination of thousands of specialist hours spent observing and working with both 'typical' and 'atypical' learners."

Your complimentary discovery series awaits! We just need to know which version you need, and where to send it.

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Why Tyrannosaurus But Not If?

The Dyslexic Blueprint for the Future of Education

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