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Understanding the World Through the Eyes of Children with ADHD and Dyslexia

Navigating the world can be really tough for kids with ADHD and dyslexia. Learning is hard — often really, really hard. Everything can seem scary, painful, and just too difficult to handle. It's a bit like the burnout we talk about with stressed-out adults, but these kids are feeling it too.

As parents, we're stuck in a set routine—nursery, primary school, then onto GCSEs and A-levels. It’s hard to break out of this mould and really understand what our kids are going through.

When we’re at our wits' end, we might end up shouting, scolding, or even worse. But these reactions don’t really help. What our kids need isn’t more discipline; they need someone to back them up and get where they’re coming from.

These kids often feel like they're on their own, with no one who truly gets them. They struggle with feeling like they're always messing up, which is really tough on their self-esteem.

As Davis Facilitators, our job isn't about traditional education or managing behaviour. We’re here to stand up for these kids and support their parents too. We aim not just to teach, but to empathise and champion their needs—making sure they get the kindness and support they deserve.

In a world that often doesn’t understand them, we're here to protect and guide them, committed to making their journey less painful and more manageable. Remember, a little understanding and support can go a long way for these kids.

Tanya Whitehead



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