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Dyslexia — Dyscalculia — ADHD — Dyspraxia — Autism

Navigating the complexities of dyslexia support can feel isolating and can often feel like an uphill battle, with limited access to specialist services adding layers of frustration to an already challenging journey. At Davis, we recognize these hurdles and are dedicated to bridging the gap between individuals with dyslexia and the support they need.


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You've waited a long time for help. You or your child may have tried tutoring, strategies or interventions that have delivered some comfort — but the problems are still there. It's as if all the questions you have about dyslexia have a half-answer, but not a whole one. And that leaves you confused and worried about the road ahead.

The Davis Difference


Our approach is rooted in unique insights into dyslexia from within. Our founder, Ronald Davis, was functionally illiterate until the age of 38, after which a personal breakthrough rapidly enabled him to master reading at college level within a short period. Read about Davis' journey.

We honour and celebrate the unique thinking strengths associated with dyslexia. Rather than smothering dyslexic talent with "coping strategies", we work with dyslexics to harness their natural learning style to the tasks they have been finding so difficult.


When this is done, things can change very quickly.


“The Davis Method results in average improvement of almost 4 full grade levels in reading*”

Research by Lawrence and Stacey Smith

Davis facilitators, Calgary, Canada.

Our Yorkshire Team


Alba Di Berardino
Davis® Dyslexia Facilitator

My adventure with the Davis Method started as a parent. I am grateful for the different learning and living styles of my children: they have made me a better, open-minded person and guided me to find a purpose by becoming a Davis Dyslexia Facilitator.

I am a “learner for life”, I love arts and writing, fixing stuff and DIY, and I love exploring the potential in neurodiversity. I have a particular interest in mathematics, how it can become a playful activity once it is understood in the right way.


Fionna PilgrimDavis® Dyslexia Facilitator & Davis Autism Approach® Facilitator

Fionna has been a licensed Davis Dyslexia Programme Facilitator since 2003. Her daughter was defined as being dyslexic and dyspraxic and had issues with visual stress and Attention Deficit Disorder. Fionna discovered Ronald Davis’ book, “The Gift of Dyslexia” when her daughter was 15, after which her daughter followed a Davis Programme and went on to achieve an Honours Degree in Music in 2006.

Fionna is also a Davis Autism Approach Facilitator and Coach. In her words, “My object is to enable people to use the talents that the dyslexic/autistic thought process gives them without needing to be hampered by the difficulties that often develop at the same time. To allow autistic individuals, in particular, to participate more fully in life.”


Rosy RobinsonDavis® Dyslexia Facilitator 

I was a non reader until the age of 15. I would probably now have been described as a non-responder  -meaning unable to learn using phonics. Then I completed my first Davis Programme. I now have a degree in music and have a strong background in Montessori Education and in Osteopathy, which has given me deep understanding of human development and of the holistic quality of health and well-being. 


As a result of my difficulties with school, my brother was home educated. I am passionate about singing and about the Davis Approach to Autism, Dyslexia and all other Specific Learning Difficulties. I want to show others, adults and children, how to gain control of the amazing gift that can come with so much baggage, as I am learning to do.

Angela Canning.png

Angela CanningDavis® Dyslexia Facilitator & Qualified Specialist Dyslexia

Hi, I am Angela a Davis® Dyslexia Facilitator and a Qualified Specialist Dyslexia and other Specific Learning Differences tutor. I am based in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales, and I am happy to travel to see clients. 


I first became aware of the Davis® Solutions when my son was diagnosed with Dyslexia at the age of 8 and he went through a Davis® Dyslexia Programme. The amazing effectiveness of the programme is what prompted me to become a Davis® Facilitator. I provide structured, individually tailored, one-to-one support.


Janice ScholesDavis® Dyslexia Facilitator 

Janice has more than 30 years experience in teaching, including 12 years as a Special Educational Needs Coordinator. She became interested in the Davis methods in her search for a truly multi-sensory approach to dyslexia, in order to help those who struggle to read, write, spell and understand maths, even though they may have received support throughout their education.


Janice is convinced that everyone can learn to read, write, spell and focus their attention, provided they use methods that use their talents and strengths. Janice has extensive experience of working with children and adults across the full spectrum of difficulties including Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, ADD and Dyspraxia.


Sue BernardèDavis® Dyslexia Facilitator, WhyTy Course presenter, SpLD teacher 

I have experience of supporting persons with Dyslexia both as a Lecturer in Early Years and Childhood Studies for 20 years and a parent of two dyslexic boys. My dyslexic sons were being supported the phonic route, but this wasn’t working for them. However, coming across the book ‘Gift of Dyslexia’ changed everything, including my belief that what teachers were seeing as a difficulty wasn’t so; rather that my children had ‘GIFTS’ they could develop to fulfil their dreamed potential.  


Now some 29 years later the Davis methods have, for my sons, produced two articulate, graduate professionals who hold their own and give back to society in amazing ways. As a Davis facilitator my students continue to say their confidence and self-esteem has grown due to how gentle, respectful the Davis methods are and most of all for parents/ adults, say they have quite quickly experienced successes in their child or own literacy and daily life. I offer both online and face to face programmes.

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A mother and her son using clay creation for dyslexia correction

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