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Dyslexia Support in International Schools Across Europe

Dyslexia — Dyscalculia — ADHD — Dyspraxia — Autism

Navigating the educational needs of a neurodivergent child in a non-English-speaking country adds an extra layer of complexity, especially within the international school system. At Davis, we understand the scarcity of specialized English-language support both in and outside of school settings and are committed to bridging this gap for your child.


Sometimes we need to move our family to another country, either for work, health reasons or simply for a desired change of lifestyle

If you have school-age children, this will usually involve checking out international schools that offer access to the curriculum through the medium of English, since your child will most likely need time and social interaction with their peers before they are able to understand, speak, read and write the new language they will be immersed in.

However, what happens if your child is struggling with reading and writing, maybe maths, and is not achieving the targets for their key stage?

Unlock Potential with the Davis Method Empowering change, often within days


Finding effective, English-speaking educational support can be daunting in a foreign country. You may feel that every intervention tried—from local tutoring to international school strategies—offers only partial solutions. Our approach at Davis is designed to provide comprehensive and understandable support, addressing the core challenges your child faces.

Experience the Davis Difference

Our founder, Ronald Davis, overcame his own severe dyslexia by developing innovative methods that he could understand and apply, despite being functionally illiterate until the age of 38. Learn about his journey and how it has inspired a worldwide movement to assist dyslexic learners in mastering reading, writing, and comprehension rapidly and effectively. 


We recognize and cultivate the unique cognitive abilities associated with neurodiversity. Our programs don’t just cope with dyslexia—they leverage your child’s natural learning styles to overcome educational hurdles, particularly in environments where English support is limited.

Fast and Effective Changes

Adjusting to a new country and an international school system unfamiliar with diverse learning needs can be overwhelming. Davis programs, available globally and across Europe, can be accessed easily and begin making significant improvements quickly.


Why choose Davis?

Global Network: Access Davis facilitators across Europe, providing support in English and other major languages. Many of our native English-speaking facilitators are experienced in delivering effective help online, ensuring your child receives the best possible support, regardless of location.

Flexible Support Options: Some of our facilitators are willing to travel to overseas locations to provide fast-track, intensive interventions, ideal for families needing immediate and comprehensive support.

Culturally Attuned: Our programs are tailored to fit seamlessly into diverse educational systems and cultural contexts, making it easier for your child to adapt and excel.

Proven Results: Many parents report dramatic improvements in their children’s academic performance and self-confidence after participating in our programs.

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Discover how we can help your child thrive in their international school context. With the Davis method, your child can not only succeed but become a confident learner ready to tackle any challenge.


Contact us today to transform your child’s educational experience.


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