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We understand…

Do you or your child find reading slow, laborious or frustrating?

Is spelling challenging or nearly impossible?

Despite high intelligence and creativity, does reading and handwriting cause stress, overwhelm, avoidance, or procrastination?

You’ve tried everything. All of the recommendations, interventions, and endless phonics lessons have fallen short. Reading is still not easy.


If any of this sounds familiar, you are in the right place! At Davis, we don’t just see the struggle; we understand the root cause behind the difficulties you or your loved ones experience when reading, writing, or spelling. It’s in addressing this root cause that the magic truly happens!  With our specialized programmes, you’ll embark on a transformative journey towards unlocking your full potential…and it is easier than you might think!

Davis® Mastery for Dyslexia

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There are three key aspects to overcoming the challenges of Dyslexia:

  • Understanding the dyslexic thinking and learning style

  • Acquiring the ability to self-regulate and turn off the disorientation that causes the symptoms of dyslexia: loss of focus, mistakes, uncertainty, losing your place on the page, difficulties with comprehension

  • Mastery of abstract symbols and words that cause the disorientation in the first place

When you address these aspects, you address the cause of Dyslexia. Eliminate the cause and the symptoms will disappear.

a youth sitting in front of a table with clay creation

The Davis Program that C teaches in one week was beyond informative and life changing for my son! In just one week, I have seen my son change from an “I can’t boy” to an “I can boy”! He has built confidence in reading and is now willingly reading on a daily basis. He has also been given the tools to help with his daily struggles. C was beyond patient with my son, who struggled for many, many years from being “given up on” due to his learning difficulties, including ADHD, ODD, etc. I truly wish more parents were aware that there is help available and that the Davis Program really works – my son proved it to me! Thank you, C!!!

Review posted by mother of a Davis Mastery for Dyslexia client, age 8.5, Canada

Benefits of the programme

With our experienced facilitators and proven techniques, you’ll learn how to:

  • Understand the root cause of your difficulties

  • Embrace your learning style

  • Overcome reading challenges with confidence

  • Build vocabulary and expand your knowledge

  • Cultivate effective strategies for comprehension and retention (not memorization)

  • Eliminate the causes of Dysgraphia and improve your handwriting

  • Elevate your self-esteem and motivation

  • Discover the joy of learning

young girl sitting at a table with clay creation of words for mastery

What you can expect

You’ll be guided through the programme by a highly trained and caring Davis Facilitator, who will accompany you on your journey and provide:

Transformational insights

The first step to overcome any challenge is to understand it. Our dyslexic-designed programme offers unique insights into the root cause of the difficulties: a perceptual gift combined with a talent for disorientating.

These insights will finally shed light on why you (or your loved one) struggle with reading and will enable you to understand how you think and learn best.

You’ll also learn to recognize and manage disorientation—an essential skill for gaining control.

A toolbox for life

Next, you’ll quickly learn how to use your mind to turn off disorientation. You will learn simple but powerful perceptual tools that will empower you to:

  • Control your attention

  • Self-regulate your emotions

  • Manage your personal energy levels

You’ll practice and refine these strength-based tools throughout your programme and beyond. This will empower you to approach learning and life with clarity and calmness, fostering certainty, understanding, and consistency.

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Learning methods that work for Dyslexic thinkers

We understand Dyslexia from the inside and provide a safe and accepting environment where clients can learn using methods that works for their way of thinking.

Our signature clay-based approach provides an engaging, multisensory experience to permanently eliminate disorientation triggers and master reading fundamentals like letters, word meanings, sequencing, and comprehension.


Together with the perceptual tools, this process reduces confusion, ensuring lasting success in reading, handwriting, and spelling.

young boy at a table with clay creation for concept mastery

Tailored Programme

We believe in a personalized approach that caters to the individual strengths, challenges, and goals of each participant. The whole program is geared towards fostering understanding, empowerment, and self-esteem.

Expert Guidance

Your dedicated Davis Facilitator will provide personalized insights, solutions, and expert guidance to support you and your family throughout the programme and beyond.


Programme format and timeframe


The programme typically spans 30 hours over five days, with up to 6 hours of customized support after the program. Programmes are provided one-to-one and are tailored to suit each individual client. If an in-person programme is not feasible, on-line options may be available.


Support on your journey


Dreams should never be limited by Dyslexia! Don’t let reading challenges hold you or your child back any longer. Let Davis® Mastery for Dyslexia be the key that helps you unlock your gifts, unblock your learning, and open doors to endless possibilities. Get ready to transform your learning experience and unleash your true potential!


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