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Davis® Mastery for Attention

We understand… 

Traditionally, ADHD is treated with medications for focus and regulation; Davis empowers individuals to self-regulate and focus medication-free.

Are you experiencing frustration when confronted with tasks that others seem to handle with apparent ease? Whether it’s struggling with punctuality, procrastination, racing thoughts, lack of focus, waning motivation, difficulty following through on plans, managing impulsivity, maintaining an orderly environment, or organizing thoughts and tasks, we understand the challenges of living with ADHD!

It’s not you that is broken! In a world of expectations, rules, and social norms that just don’t fit the way you naturally operate, your special interests, ideas, and out-of-the-box thinking is your superpower – and Davis will help you unlock it!  

We have a proven track record of helping clients overcome the exacerbating obstacles individuals with ADHD face on a daily basis and provide them with a complete programme of tools and techniques to radically transform their own lives, regardless of age. 

The first step is to acknowledge that individuals with ADHD exhibit invaluable qualities like sensitivity, empathy, creativity, courage, high intelligence, problem-solving abilities, increased environmental awareness, and perseverance. Because no two clients are the same, the Davis® Attention Mastery Programme is a highly personalised, drug-free, one-on-one program that empowers you to harness your strengths, take control of the areas in life that are not working, gets to the root cause of the physical and mental chaos, and provides the tools and self-awareness so that your creative and brilliant dreams can be achieved.   

Envision a world where you are in control of your life and time, you are motivated and possess clarity about your goals, and you are confident in your ability to achieve them. Life should be more than just surviving; you’re here to participate fully in it and experience thriving. Partner with Davis and we’ll provide you with strategies and tools to unlock your true potential and create a life filled with success and fulfillment.

How the Davis® Attention Mastery Programme Works

A drug-free approach

  • The Davis approach gives individuals the tools to control their attention focus and energy level without reliance on drugs or nutritional supplements. These simple mental techniques can be learned quickly, without reliance on specialized equipment or gimmicks.

These techniques include:

  • Davis Orientation or Alignment: A simple approach which stabilizes and harmonizes an individual’s perceptions, including the perception of the passage of time.

  • Davis Dial Setting: Provides individuals of all ages with enhanced awareness and ability to self-regulate energy levels.

  • Davis Release: A simple and easy tool for relaxation and stress-reduction.

Multisensory approach

  • Our gentle approach focuses on enhancing self-awareness, self-regulation, and emotional awareness in engaging hands-on and explorative ways.

  • We use our signature clay-based approach as a gentle, fun, and familiar medium through which developmental concepts that might be incomplete or missing are fully understood and mastered.

  • Through exploration and discovery, these fundamental concepts for life become integrated into your child’s everyday experiences, empowering them to participate more fully in the world around them.

Tailored programme

  • Our personalised approach focuses on your individual strengths to help you achieve the goals you are striving for.

Holistic support

  • The Davis® Attention Mastery Programme utilizes creativity and experiential learning as a key component of the learning process, making it fun, engaging and deeply transformational. 

  • Our tools go beyond addressing difficulties – they will empower you for life. Through the Davis® Attention Mastery Programme, you will develop greater self-awareness and learn essential self-regulation tools without the need for medication.

Real life results

  • Whether you’re a student striving to excel academically, a professional seeking to enhance your career prospects, aiming for improved relationships, or simply yearning for a life of ease, success, and clarity, you are on the right path. Through the Davis® Attention Mastery Programme, you can achieve these aspirations and cultivate a life filled with fulfillment and purpose.

Expert guidance

  • Our programmes are delivered by highly trained and experienced facilitators who genuinely understand and care about your journey. They provide expert guidance every step of the way, going beyond surface-level understanding to offer comprehensive support. With their expertise, you can trust that you will receive the guidance and coaching you need to navigate your journey successfully.

​Benefits of the Davis® Attention Mastery Program

Improved wellbeing

  • Our programme empowers you to embrace your strengths, achieve your goals, and gain control over outcomes. With tailored strategies, we help reduce stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and frustration. This alone immediately boosts  your self-esteem ,motivation, and provides insight into the cause of these challenges. We then work together to resolve the root cause and unlock your full potential for a positive impact in your life.

Enhanced productivity

  • Our programme focuses on enhancing your ability to concentrate, discovering the optimal energy levels for your activities, and overcoming challenges related to time management and organisation. Our expert coaching helps you develop and implement the skills and actions necessary to effectively plan, execute, complete tasks and gain control of your life….Say goodbye to procrastination and hello to living a more organised, productive and fulfilling life!

Taking control of your life

  • Whether you’re a student striving to excel academically, a professional seeking to enhance your career prospects, aiming for improved relationships, or simply yearning for a life of ease, success, and clarity, you are on the right path. Through the Davis® Attention Mastery Programme, you can achieve these aspirations and cultivate a life filled with fulfillment and purpose.

Programme timeframe

The programme typically spans 30 hours to complete, with up to 6 hours of customised support included after the programme. In-person sessions provide an immersive experience, and when appropriate, an online video conferencing option may also be available.

About the programme:

Through working one-on-one with a Davis Facilitator, adults and children gain new abilities:

  • To recognise and clear up distorted perceptions.

  • To use simple mental tools to focus, relax, and control and monitor energy levels.

  • To master and internalise concepts that will help them with social interactions and attention issues. These concepts include: self, change, consequence, before, after, cause, effect, time, sequence, and order vs. disorder. To apply

Conceptual understanding:

Individuals who are labeled or diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD or ADHD) tend to be highly imaginative and creative thinkers. Often they have difficulty harnessing their ideas and translating thought to action. They know what they want to accomplish, but struggle when it comes to completing tasks and establishing organisation in their lives.

Davis Concept Mastery is a system of guided modeling of concepts, which enables individuals to develop personal insight and understanding into their self-created barriers through exploring concepts such as consequence, order, and responsibility.

Which programme?

Young children diagnosed with ADHD often have significant academic and learning barriers, particularly with reading skills and reading comprehension. The Davis tools for attention regulation are part of every Davis programme. Because academic difficulties often are at the heart of behavior problems and the inability to sustain focus in a classroom setting, in some cases it is better for children to start with a Davis® Dyslexia Correction programme. In many cases, the behavior issues that gave rise to an ADHD diagnosis will dissipate when the child gains the ability to read and understand print.

Adults and teenagers who are frustrated because of poor organisational skills, difficulty completing projects, or time management may choose to begin with the Davis® Attention Mastery approach.

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