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Davis® Foundations for Reading

We understand… 
Young Learners

Do learning difficulties run in your family?

Is your child struggling to grasp letters or having difficulty with sight words?

Are you noticing your child developing avoidance tactics when you try to practice reading with them?

Continuing down this path can lead to future frustration and shaky foundations for learning. At Davis, we understand the root cause of learning difficulties and know how to prevent them. Our programme is meticulously crafted to give each child the lifelong learning skills and foundations for literacy using methods they will enjoy and that work for their learning style. Our ultimate goal is to unlock the full potential of young learners, fostering their confidence and self-belief along the way.  

How the Davis® Foundations for Reading works

The Davis® Foundations for Reading Programme is designed to equip young children (aged 5-7) with the essential skills to master letters and sight words that underpin reading fluency and comprehension. While this programme can help any learning style, it is especially valuable for young children at risk of developing learning difficulties due to neurodivergence running in the family. 

Imagine your child learning their letters and punctuation with clay!

My 7 year old was struggling with reading and having difficulty keeping up at school. The program transformed her reading journey and helped her not only be able to read but to actually enjoy it. Our facilitator was gentle and patient and made the whole experience positive.

Mother of Davis® Reading Mastery for Young Learners client



Ditch the flash cards and help your child master those sight words by modelling their meaning in a fun and memorable way!


Our gentle, hands-on approach engages all the senses to create a highly enjoyable learning experience that lays the groundwork for future academic success. The programme also places a strong emphasis on self-regulation. We understand the importance of helping children increase their focus, maintain an appropriate energy level, and reduce stress and anxiety. By fostering self-regulation skills, we empower children to optimize their learning potential.

We also understand the vital role that parents and family members play in a child’s learning journey. That’s why we prioritize involving you in the process. We provide hands-on training and guidance to ensure that everyone is equipped to support your child’s growth and development.

Benefits of the Program


At Davis, we are proud to offer a programme that is backed by research evidence. Studies have shown that children who are exposed to the Davis methods at the pre-reading or primary level (ages 5-7) experience a wide range of benefits.

Children are highly unlikely to develop learning difficulties.

  • By enabling them to learn using methods that work for their creative/natural way of thinking, information is absorbed correctly from the start, and the development of learning difficulties can be avoided.

Children are significantly more likely to qualify for Gifted & Talented Programme referrals.

  • Without the challenges, their natural intellect can shine! Our approach nurtures their unique talents and abilities, allowing them to excel and reach their full potential.

Children develop basic word recognition skills well above their grade level.

  • This strong foundation in reading sets them up for success in all areas of their academic journey.

Children develop self-regulation skills and an understanding in how they learn best.

  • They gain a head start with self-regulation (including focus, emotional and energetic regulation), as well as the skills and strategies needed to excel in their studies. By learning these skills young, they automate them much more easily and will benefit from them for life.

​Children develop confidence.

  • It’s not just about academic achievement. Our programme also instills belief in their own abilities to learn, overcome challenges and thrive. 

​What you and your child can expect
Your child:

  • Mastery of the alphabet

  • Mastery of punctuation marks

  • Mastery of sight words
    Increased focus

  • Better emotional self-regulation

  • Better energy self-regulation

  • Improved balance and coordination

  • Improved fine motor skills

  • Improved self-confidence


  • A better understanding of your child’s learning style

  • Effective tools and techniques to better help your child

  • All the materials and training needed to continue using Davis methods at home

  • Expert guidance to support you, and help you better support your child’s journey through formal education

  • Confidence in your ability to support your child’s learning

We are dedicated to helping children succeed. Join us and unlock your child’s full potential, giving them the tools and confidence to thrive academically and beyond.


Programme timeframe


Over the course of approximately 30 hours, your facilitator will introduce you and your child to strength-based tools and practical, engaging techniques using clay and koosh balls. To ensure focused learning, sessions last no more than three hours. 

Additionally, at least half of the programme time involves the parent or support person actively participating in helping the child with their new skills and techniques. Together, we create a collaborative environment that maximises learning potential.

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